Building RiddgeApp

Building RiddgeApp

A new collaborative social media platform for like-minded people

One of the core ideas behind RiddgeApp was to provide an easy way for people with similar interests to connect and maintain those connections. Social media is a great tool to bring like-minded people together, but often it’s hard to find the right relationship and the people who’ve similar tastes to you. By providing an easy way for people with similar interests to connect, RiddgeApp allows you to build your network faster than ever before.

What can you do with RiddgeApp?

But what’s new here? Well, not every picture can be posted in the era of instant content sharing. Therefore, we have an inbuilt feature where you can share instant stories that last up to 24 hours! In addition to that, there is a lot more to it.

RiddgeApp Features: Stories Sharing stories is more fun with the RiddgeApp as the “number” of stories you share won’t be visible to your followers and what they see is the content you’ve shared and not “how many. “You can share as many stories as you wish without worrying about the number. Along with sharing stories, you can also upload your favorite pictures and make moments on the RiddgeApp, which will stay on your feed forever, reminding you of the good days. Isn’t that amazing?

RiddgeApp Features: Moments

Feature your moments

Making posts is a thing of the past; it’s time to share “moments” with your audiences.

You can now upload your content and share pictures, and they’ll get featured under the moment’s section. We believe that every post you make is a token of love and contributes to our platform in a unique way. Hence we call it “moments.”

But what if I want to keep my moments private and limited to some people instead of showcasing them to the world? Well, we’ve got you covered. We understand that privacy on social media is of utmost importance & hence we’ve tried to secure your accounts with more privacy features. Here’s how-

RiddgeApp Features: Alias Profile

Make it anonymous, make it fun

Private accounts are outstanding, but what if you make them anonymous for the people you don’t want in your network? We know that Social media is all about networking and socializing, but not everyone wants to reveal their personal life to a specific category of people; it can be your colleagues or relatives you probably want to avoid. Therefore, we’ve introduced this distinctive feature of making private accounts more private. You can now create a personal account and make it anonymous for people not on your follower list.

It’s been a decade since we’ve been running away from social media to avoid interacting with people we don’t want to know we exist. Hence, we’ve heard you clearly and introduced this new feature. Try it out, and thank us later.

That’s not it; if you want to be “out there” and become an influencer, we have a staggering feature to make collaborations more fun and interactive.

RiddgeApp Features: Spaces

Introducing Spaces

Create and collaborate more with our unique feature of spaces.

Spaces aren’t necessarily about stars and moon; these aren’t Twitter spaces. Let’s make it simple for you -

We’ve introduced an eccentric feature where you can collaborate with other creators and even post content of different genres under one section to make content creation more fun. How? Just by creating your customized space! No more hassle of making multiple accounts to create content in different niches.

You can now build your community in our “spaces” section and create multiple content categories. You can also get in touch with other creators and collaborate under spaces.

Not just that, you can also repost content that you love simply with our repost option.

Final thought, building RiddgeApp is so much fun. I’m single-handedly working on this project, but I would love to work with people who share the same passion and love to build products for the masses.

That’s it from this article! Join RiddgeApp early access and claim your username. Please share your feelings about the app after you try them in the comments. I would love to check them out. Currently, RiddgeApp is available only in India for Android users, but I’m working on an iOS app and will launch it soon :)

With ❤ from India